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  1. A quadrangle or court, as of a prison; hence, a prison.
  2. A spell of imprisonment.
    c.1894: I don't suppose you'll get more than a couple of months' quod for them. — an acquaintance of Norman Lindsay, quoted by James Cockington, Banned: Tales From the Bizarre History of Australian Obscenity, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2005, paperback ISBN 0-7333-1502-X, page 7.



  1. Neuter form of quī.



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The word quod can refer to the following:
  • The Quod, a contemporary nickname for the English Quota System during the Napoleonic Wars
  • a quod, the main playing item in the fictional sport of Quodpot in the Harry Potter universe
The word is also common in several Latin phrases used in different (English) contexts:
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